For Adventurers: The Nomadik Box!

About two months ago, I was contacted by a company who wanted to send me something to review. Now, I get three to four of these types of emails a month and usually don’t even read them. I admit the name, The Nomadik Box, caught my attention.


When I was younger, and sometimes still, I had a powerful wanderlust and just wanted to travel wherever the wind blew me. What freedom that would be! So, I admit it was from nostalgia that made me click on the link. I opened the email and was pleasantly surprised to find a NON-canned form letter. It had been written by someone, to me personally. When they say they checked out my site, it was plainly obvious they really had. So rare to find a company that does that these days! Anyway, I met Mr. Patrick who asked me if I would be interested in their adventure box. My curiosity increased. Adventure, you say? Goodies for my backpack, you say? After reading their email, I went to the website for Nomadik and dove a little deeper. I wanted to learn about the company, their philosophy, and of course, what the adventure box was all about.

In short, the adventure box is a monthly subscription you receive that is filled with goodies you’re interested in. Of course, that doesn’t really cover it. Not by half.

Nomadik is a company that is all about getting people outside, exploring their worlds and discovering new mysteries and fun. At first, I worried it was more for the hardcore granola hippies and vegan/gluten-free/paleo but I was wrong. Again, pleasantly surprised. The boxes aren’t about food. In fact, only 1 of the 4 items I was sent was edible. This company isn’t elitist, or hoity-toity, and neither is their message. When I clicked on their “About” page, I was happy to see that part of each sale goes toward the earth. Whether that is environment or other, they came out the gate with an attitude of giving right back to the planet that houses us all. Good stuff!


Now then, on to the box of goodies I got! Not really knowing what to expect as I hadn’t given any indication as to what I was into before they sent it, I had no idea what may be inside. I was surprised to find myself rather excited about what mysteries lay waiting for me to find! I tore into the box with childish enthusiasm and pulled out these 4 items:

  • nomadik-box-goodiesA smaller knife
  • A bandana
  • A reusable cloth bag
  • A tube of some acai/blueberry spread of some kind.

Initially, I was amused with the variety and then began to look more closely. The knife was simple looking but when I held it, I could feel how sturdy it was. The edge is nice and sharp and it fits inside the sheath perfectly. I turned the knife over and realized it was entirely Swiss made. The reusable cloth bag is always nice to have: I ordered a dozen some years back and have them everywhere. The difference was the size! This bag could easily hold double what my others can!

The bandana was more that I thought. At first glance, I saw it had some pattern on it but as I read the label, it became clear that the pattern was actually instructions on how to tie 16 different knots! Talk about useful!

The tube of oatmeal spread was something I was less than enthusiastic about. At least at first. With labels like ‘vegan’ and ‘gluten free,’ I was immediately convinced that it would taste like sawdust dipped in berry juice. Or worse, tofu soaked in berry juice. And, once again, I was wrong.

Holy buckets, this stuff is delicious! I remember looking at the tube, wide eyed and thinking there was no way this was somehow good for me. Talk about a power punch of energy, too! I ate some in the morning on my toast and sailed through to the afternoon, pleasant as you please. I didn’t even think about a second cup of coffee and that is more telling than anything.

WHY would you want to subscribe to a Nomadik box? I asked myself the same question. “Why would I have a monthly subscription to a place that sends me adventure gear when I can buy what I want anyway?”  The answer, for me at least, is quite simple. First, I don’t have to think about it, not really. I get this wonderful little treasure box each month of goodies that I can use for being outside and having fun (while still being practical). On top of that, I will be exposed to more products than I ever would otherwise! Finally, it is entirely possible that several items will help me increase my skills, too. It will broaden my horizons some and that is always a good thing. Mind open, eyes wide.

In all, I’m really glad I decided to read the email and get this box of goodies. Pretty much all of it was added to my everyday carry backpack, much to Mr. Dreamer’s grumbling. Maybe I’ll let him have the knife….nah. 😉


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